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Enhancement of Magneto-optical Kerr Effect Signal from the Nanostructure by Employing Anti-reflection Coated Substrate
Journal of Magnetics, Volume 13, Number 2, 30 Jun 2008, Pages 70-75
D.H. Kim(Department of Physics, Inha University), Chun-Yeol You* (Department of Physics, Inha University)
In this study, a MOKE (Magneto-optical Kerr effect) measurement method for magnetic nanostructures is proposed. Theoretically, the MOKE signal enhancement can be predicted and confirmed when an anti-reflection coated substrate is used. Since MOKE is a ratio of reflectivity and the difference between the reflectivities for two magnetic states, when the reflectivity of the substrate part is reduced by employing an anti-reflection coated substrate, MOKE signal enhancement can be achieved. The enhancement is confirmed by simple numerical MOKE calculations. When the reflectivity of an anti-reflection coated substrate is 0.7%, the calculated MOKE signal is about 79% of its bulk values for the 100-nm wide Fe nanowire with a 1500-nm radius laser beam. It was found that, for various numerical calculations, a larger MOKE signal is obtained relative to a smaller substrate reflectivity.
Keywords: Magneto-optical Kerr effect; magnetic nanostructure; nanowire; nanodot
DOI: 10.4283/JMAG.2008.13.2.70
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