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Annealing Temperature Dependence of Magnetic and Optic Properties of Bi:YIG Films Deposited with Aerosol Deposition Method
Journal of Magnetics, Volume 12, Number 3, 30 Sep 2007, Pages 129-132
Kwang-Ho Shin* (Dept. of Multimedia Communication Engineering, Kyungsung University), Masahiko Mizoguchi(Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Toyhashi University of Technology), Mitsuteru Inoue(Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Toyhashi University of Technology)
Bismuth-substituted yttrium iron garnet (Bi:YIG,Bi0.5Y2.5Fe5O12) films were deposited with aerosol deposition method and their magnetic and optical properties were investigated as a function of annealing temperature. Since the ceramic films deposited with aerosol deposition method have not a perfect crystal structure due to non-uniform internal stress occurred by mechanical collision during their deposition, the post annealing could be a key process to release its internal stress and to improve its micro structure for optimizing the magnetic and magneto-optic properties of films. The crystallinity of Bi: YIG film was improved with increase of annealing temperature, and the saturation magnetization increased up to 87 emu/cc at 800℃. The Faraday rotation increased up to 1.4deg/µmby annealing at 700℃ around the wavelength of 0.5µm. The optical transmittance of the Bi:YIG film was also improved in visible region.
Keywords: bismuth-substituted yttrium iron garnet (Bi:YIG) film; aerosol deposition; saturation magnetization; Faraday rotation; optical transmittance
DOI: 10.4283/JMAG.2007.12.3.129
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