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Crystallographic, Magnetic and MËossbauer Study of Phase Transition in LaVO3
Journal of Magnetics, Volume 12, Number 3, 30 Sep 2007, Pages 108-112
Sung-Hyun Yoon* (Department of Physics, Gunsan National University)
Nature of phase transition in LaVO3 has been studied using X-ray diffraction, SQUID magnetometer, and MËossbauer spectroscopy with 1% of 57Fe doped sample. The crystal structure was orthorhombic with space group Pnma. Antiferromagnetic phase transition temperature TNwas 140K, below which a weak ferromagnetic trace has been found. MËossbauer spectra below TN were single set of hyperfine sextet, which enabled us to discard the possibility of two inequivalent magnetic sites or uncompensated antiferromagnetism. Hyperfine magnetic field abruptly disappeared as low as about 90K, much below TN.
Keywords: LaVO_3; 1%^57 Fe doping; MËossbauer spectroscopy; weak ferromagnetism
DOI: 10.4283/JMAG.2007.12.3.108
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