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Possible Role of Disorder on Magnetostructural Transition in La1-sBasMnO3
Journal of Magnetics, Volume 12, Number 3, 30 Sep 2007, Pages 103-107
N.G. Kim(Department of Physics, Inha University), J.H. Jung* (Department of Physics, Inha University)
Magnetic field induced structural transition has been systematically investigated for La1-sBasMnO3 with the fine control of carrier doping (0.15≤x≤0.20). Application of a magnetic field results in the suppression of the rhombohedral-orthorhombic transition temperature(Ts)and the increase of insulator-metal transition temperature(TMI) Near x = 0.17, where Ts is similar to TMI at zero magnetic field, we found that the Ts smoothly decreased with magnetic field even though it intersected the TMI near 3 T. Also, the ma gnetostructural phase diagram obtained from the temperature sweep and from the magnetic field sweep is not significantly modified. By comparing the magnetostructural transition in La1-sSrMnO3 , we have suggested that the large disorder originated from ionic size differences between La and Ba may weaken the sensitivity of the kinetic energy of eg electrons on the degree of lattice distortion in La1-sBasMnO3.
Keywords: magnetostructural transition;La_1-sBa_sMnO_3 ; disorder
DOI: 10.4283/JMAG.2007.12.3.103
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