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Dear honorable magnetician,

The Paris Climate Change Agreement and the 4th Industrial Revolution are global policies widespread enough to affect everyone on the planet. Thanks to the science and technology of magnetics, however, we can still retain the freedom necessary to achieve happiness in our lives. Wherever electrical energy is produced, transmitted, transformed or converted, magnetics is waiting tobring entire worlds to vibrant life. Magnetics is doing the same whenever IoT is applied. The Korea Magnetics Society places international cooperation at the forefront of solving global problems and contributing to the sustainable development of mankind.

Trends in science and technology are continually shifting and changing. Some scientific discoveries and inventions come about by chance, whileothers arise out of necessity. But the opportunity to contribute to the development of science and technology in any meaningful way can only result from careful preparation, and it is the diligent and the forward-thinking who will form the vanguard of sciences march into the future. We hope the Korea Magnetics Society can provide you with an informational basis for leading the next trend in the field of magnetics.

Science and technology are not the exclusive property of scientists, but of society as a whole.Knowledge alone cannot enrich the world, but fusing it with creativity and innovation can result insocial sustainability and improved living standards for people across the globe. The Korea Magnetics Society not only disseminates scientific knowledge through its academic journal, JOM(Journal of Magnetics), it also strives to create societal value through close cooperation with industry.

We are dreaming of Global happiness through magnetics, whichwill be achieved thanks toyour enthusiastic support and encouragement.


2017. 1. 1.

                   Kyung Ho Shin

President, The Korean Magnetics Society


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